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Our Approach

Architettura Strutturale represents the union of two worlds often considered in opposition.

Architecture is the art of bringing concepts from the world of ideas and sensations to the real world. Engineering is the art of bringing the real world to meet the world of ideas. From this meeting comes our design approach that puts man at the center, as a subject capable of making ideal the use of materials and capable to transform ideas in material things.

To make possible the union of idea and matter fantasy, science and conscience are needed.The team of designers of Architettura Strutturale makes these three areas its own on a daily basis, comparing itself with various architectural themes ranging from civil construction to large-scale public works.

Our training is constantly updated by attending courses and conferences. The quality of the design provided by our studio performs two important functions: to offer maximum safety in terms of safeguarding human life and the comfort of the users of the works we have designed, guaranteeing a high level of structural optimization that allows us to achieve the safety levels required by regulations with the minimum construction cost.

Structural Safety

The ambit is that of the defin setting of safety objectives, to which aim in the design of a new building, or with which to confront when the vulnerability of an existing building is verified.

The normative codes, which implement the safety criteria defined at international level, establish which design choices, parameters of deformation and resistance of the materials, have to be adopted in order to obtain a certain structural reliability.


Structural Optimization

Knowledge of the whole ensemble of the structural checks allows the achievement of the required safety levels, optimizing the materials used as well as the cost for the construction of the work as a whole.

The structural optimization is aimed at reducing the cost of the buildings, through careful planning. The constructive process can finally be optimized through a scrupulous Works Management and a competent and conscientious realization by the companies involved.


Architettura Strutturale and MGe Ingegneria Strutturale
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