The services that Architettura Strutturale offers to its customers vary from Structural, Architectural and Civil Planning to Construction Management, Building Practices and various technical consultations.

Here is a detailed description of the activities.


Structural design

  • Steel structures
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Composite steel and concrete structures
  • Timber structures
  • Composite timber and concrete structures
  • Masonry structures
  • Seismic design of new buildings
  • Consolidation and / or seismic strengthening of existing, historical, or protected buildings
  • Optimization and detailed design on behalf of the contractor
  • 3D Tekla Graphic Modelling of Structural Designs
  • 3D Finite Element Modelling of steel connections
  • Geotechnical: Shallow and deep foundations, earth retaining structures
  • Reliability and parametric sensitivity analysis of isostatic systems with multiple degrees of freedom

Construction supervision

  • Project management
  • Site supervision
  • Management and supervision of structural works
  • Management and supervision of architectural works

Architectural design

  • Pre-design, schematic, design development, construction documents
  • Retrofitting existing buildings
  • Restoration and conservative rehabilitation
  • Extraordinary building maintenance
  • Interior design
  • Consultancy for routine maintenance

Safety in the workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008

  • Safety coordinator during design phase, pursuant to art. 91 of Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Safety coordinator during construction phase, pursuant to art. 92 of Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Site supervision, pursuant to art. 90 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

Technical consultancy

  • Judicial expert technical consultancy for private individuals and companies in engineering disputes
  • Bill of quantities (BoQ), contracts, specifications, accounting during construction, quotes
  • Technical appraisals prior to real estate acquisition
  • Technical appraisals for damage estimation
  • Technical assistance and consultancy on construction sites
  • Technical assistance for the installation of safety lines against falls from height


  • Compliance and structural static testing prior to construction completion

Land registry (Cadastry)

New construction
  • Insertion in the cadastral map of the building with electronic instrumentation via a celerimetric / topographic survey with delivery in digital format (PREGEO);
  • Cadastral declaration compliancy through document preparation DOCFA reporting all new real estate units carried out with the preparation of the related cadastral plans for the attribution of the relevant rents.
Existing manufactured expansion
  • Insertion in a cadastral map of enlargement with electronic instrumentation via a celerimetric / topographic relief with delivery in digital format (PREGEO) or with a simplified procedure for modest entities with the exclusion of the topographic survey, depending on the extent of enlargement.
  • Variation compliancy via document preparation DOCFA reporting the update of modified real estate units, for the attribution of the relative cadastral income.
Variations of real estate units
  • Variation compliancy via document preparation DOCFA reporting the update of the real estate units for the attribution of the new cadastral annuities deriving from the changes achieved.

Energy certification

  • Energy performance certificate (APE) - Decree 63/2013, converted by law 90/2013 (amendment of Legislative Decree 192/2005, introduction of innovations regarding energy performance of buildings and the introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate (APE) - replacing the ACE - energy certification certificate).

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