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Montanari Palace

Structural design of a hanging chandelier and its support system.

Project 1944

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Thursday, 04 March 2021 21:21

Palazzetto dello Sport di Cento, Ferrara.

Palazzetto dello Sport di Cento, Ferrara.
Commessa 1859

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M.Giovagnoni, various authors

Published by Panozzo Editore in 2019 by Massimo Totti ".. an editorial initiative that aims to leave
to history the thoughts, choices, engineering and know-how of the Protagonists who, sharing a unique
mission, have united their consciences to project themselves towards the 'common goal that has made
it possible to restore its historic theater to the city. "
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M. Giovagnoni

During the 19th Century the town of Rimini acquired an international reputation for the seaside, and a new theatre which was designed by Luigi Poletti succeeded in translating into Neoclassical form the ambitions of the ruling classes. The theatre was completely destroyed during II World War. In the following decades, many proposals were developed for the new theatre. In 2003, the final design was accepted, following the rule “where it was, how it was”.

The new structural design involves various fields of structural engineering, from geotechnical design to prefabricated and cast in place reinforced concrete structures, steel and wood structures.

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Should the seismic vulnerability assessment of the foundations of an existing building be carried out in order to obtain a complete picture of the seismic safety of the building? Are improvement measures compulsory?

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Capacity design of precast pillar connection to pocket foundation.

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